5 Tips for Big Savings with a Wedding Catering

As a rule, wedding catering is one of the most important parts of this special day, because guests tend to remember bride's dress and food. This is why newly-weds care so much about what to serve to their guests and so spend most part of the whole budget exactly on food.

Generally young people who get married do not have much money and either ask parents for some help or try to make a perfect budget wedding. This is why we decided to give several useful tips about cutting the costs for wedding catering without losing its charm and taste. So read on and ‘now a kiss'!

Cocktail hour

According to the tradition in Toronto wedding catering starts from the cocktail hour where people still tend to serve a lot of food. This food includes canapés and little appetizers. However small this part of the wedding catering supposed to be, people usually order lots of food for this period and so spend a fortune for it. Professional wedding planners advise not to waste money, because a huge part of this food usually ends up in a trash bin. To save money and present everything beautiful, make two to three stations with three kinds of appetizers and put there drinks. Cocktail hours should raise the appetite but not spoil it.

Limit the menu

There is no need to serve four or five different kinds of main courses for dinner wedding catering, check what experts say about this! If you are not sure what your guests prefer, put plates with different options on their table so that they themselves choose what they want. In this way you give people options and at the same time do not overproduce food for tables.


If you put desserts on the stations, Toronto wedding catering professionals say that there will never be enough. So instead of always being in short of dessert pass the plates with wedding cake to each guest. In this way everyone will get a piece and you will save a lot of money!

Chef's choice

Chefs are those who can help you save. Do not choose the fish or meat yourself, ask your wedding catering chef to help you, because a professional can find cheaper possibilities of fish, for example, which will not be different in taste. Same thing goes for vegetable and garnishes. Chefs in Toronto know what they do and how to do it right, so let them do the job.


And the last great option for saving is bringing your alcohol with you. It means that if you order wedding catering at some place you can talk to the manager about the possibility to serve your drinks. There is no secret that drinks in restaurants cost more, so try to avoid this fact.

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